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Tevin Chesterfield (born October 10), known by the stage name De Wapp, is an Atlanta-based trap artist who made his musical debut in 2018. 


A native of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, De Wapp found his beginnings freestyling as a hobby, recording random tracks and videos for friends. But, what started out as a side project used purely for entertainment soon propelled the young Virgin Islander into the world of hip hop. 


After an offer to record in a professional studio, De Wapp decided to pursue music as a serious venture. He transitioned from freestyling in his California bedroom to working on his craft in studios on St. Thomas. Subsequently, he dropped his first collaboration (a TuTu Gang Freestyle) alongside fellow trap artist Riff Rucux.


De Wapp has piqued the attention of music moguls and trap critics alike, most notably after his remix to Spottemgottem's Beatbox went viral in January 2021 - to positive reviews. 


From 2018 to present, the young musician has been grinding daily in the studio, dropping songs consistently and refining his unique sound. His flow can be described as "hard" and "grimey," reminiscent of Atlanta trap and a coming of age street rap that's gained popularity among millennial and Gen Z Virgin Islanders and Caribbean fanatics. His musical appeal has earned him a cult following on SoundCloud reflected in the 100,000’s of plays on the streaming giant. 

A budding global phenomenon, De Wapp has been able to reach listeners in the UK, U.S., Jamaica, the Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean. Notably, he’s shared the stage with fellow trap artist Flizop in St. Maarten and Tortola. 

Catch his debut single "Rags To Riches" x Flizop (October 27, 2021) and his debut mixtape "Criminal Chemistry" x Flizop 



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