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Banco Bizmol Still On Apple's Top 100 A Week After EP's Release, 'Banco Bizzo Day' Making Waves

Trap artist Banco Bizmol Tops Apple Music's Top 100 Charts over Nicki Minaj, Lil Durk and Koffee; Banco Bizmol a West Bank Records signed artist tops music charts
Banco Bizmol Charts Apple Music's Top 100 in Anguilla

Banco Bizmol's EP 'Banco Bizzo Day' is still riding the Top 100 wave. The young trap artist is on the up-and-up and his work speaks for itself.

The tracks 'Banco Bizzo Day (BBD)' and 'Fakes' beat out competitors Nicki Minaj's 'We Go Up (feat. Fivio Foreign),' Lil Durk's 'Difference (feat. Summer Walker)' and Caribbean peer Koffee's 'Shine' and 'Runaway.'

Listen to 'Banco Bizzo Day (BBD)' wherever you listen to your music.

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