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West Bank Records was founded in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Our organization operates from two locations: Atlanta, Georgia and the Virgin Islands. The label currently manages three up and coming artists: Banco BizMol, Flizop and Deh Wapp.

Because the music industry is constantly evolving, we strive to diversify the faces and stories associated with Caribbean hip hop music. 


Dancehall, soca and reggae have made a major impact on the global music scene, especially the Hip Hop genre. This is why West Bank Studios is cultivating the talent of rising stars in the sub-genres of trap and rap so the world can have a bird's eye view of our culture, our origins and our stories.


As we introduce you to the newest, hottest and best artists bursting on to the industry scene, stay tuned so you can get a front row seat to the artists we manage who'll leave their mark for decades to come. 

E-mail management at for more information.

"We're about revolutionizing hip hop from the perspective of the youth...young Virgin Islanders have a lot to say; we're giving them a platform." 

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