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Jeffi Jones, better known by his moniker DynamiQ, hails from the Caribbean island of Dominica.  This 25-year-old Dancehall artist, originating from the village of Marigot, embarked on his musical journey into the hearts and minds of music lovers in 2022. 

Newly signed to the Caribbean’s fastest growing record label, Westbank Records, the British Virgin Islands resident recently released his first EP entitled ‘Dark and Haunted.’ The EP consists of 6 songs and was released on November 29th 2022. DynamiQ’s ‘Dark and Haunted’ has since proven to be just as its title suggests, haunting and enigmatic, as well as memorable.

Jahllano, one of Trinidad’s top artists, features on the song titled “Dangerous.” Since the drop of his debut EP, DynamiQ has also released three Official Music Videos which can be found on his Official VEVO page @DynamiQVevo.

Check out the links here, here and here.

It’s safe to assume that we can expect big things in the near future. Cameras didn’t lie when they recently caught sight of the artist in Jamaica with known Trinidadian artist - Prince Swanny. And as Dynamiq continues to make connections with like-minded artists and industry producers alike he intends to stay fully motivated. He says, “I’ve never felt more motivated and energized than I do right now. This steady climb in my musical career will soon make the world know just who [Dynamiq] is.” It’s clear the artist doesn’t intend to stop pursuing and modernizing dancehall not even after he becomes a legend.  However, stemming from humble origins, he remains grounded, focused and grateful for many blessings. He states that he intends to make his work speak for itself.


Join the artist Dynamiq on his  exciting and interesting musical journey as he urges us to look out for great things to come

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